Gertjan zwart-wit 1.jpg

Gertjan Becx, founder & director, value chain and Sustainable Agriculture Expert,,

Guido van Hofwegen,  founder, expert household water treatment systems, director of Nazava Water Filters,

Joep van den Broek, founder & director, agribusiness expert,

Nicky Schepers, Country Manager Mozambique, Hydrological specialist,

Wouter Beekman, director, agricultural water expert,

Anniek zwart-wit.jpg

Anniek Elemans, Agribusiness advisor,,

Auke zwart-wit.jpg

Auke Boere, Program advisor and Trade & Aid Expert,,

Hiwot zwart-wit.jpg

Hiwot Tadesse, Agricultural value chain facilitator,,

Sander zwart-wit.jpg

Sander de Raad, Project Manager Social Impact Assessment,,