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Resilience is an international network organization that carries out research and consultancy projects for its clients in emerging markets. Moreover, we also initiate and invest in social enterprises ourselves to develop market-based solutions for pressing issues.

We are a group of bright and open-minded professionals seeking to make a change. Currently, we are most active in the field of agribusiness, horticulture, and seed-sector development, farmer-led irrigation, and drinking water. Resilience has offices in Ethiopia, Mozambique, the Netherlands, and Rwanda.

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Resilience is a dynamic company, specializing in research and management of often complex, interdisciplinary agricultural projects in development contexts. Over the past 10 years Resilience has built significant expertise in implementing agriculture and water projects, most notably in Mozambique, Ghana, Brazil, Kenya, Ethiopia and Indonesia. Most recently, Resilience specialized in irrigation (Mozambique), Trade and investment support (Ghana, Ethiopia and Rwanda) and water and sanitation (Indonesia).

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Resilience is a network organization connecting bright minds to develop innovative solutions strengthening global food and water security


We envision a resilient world where humankind can grow happier, healthier and more prosperous managing the pressure on natural and socio-economic systems.


Our Offices


Resiliencia, Ethiopia
Kebele 12,Woreda 23 House 69

Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Resilience BV
Veerweg 47 A
6703 CM, Wageningen
The Netherlands

Resiliencia, Mozambique
Rua de Dar es Salam 845, Bairro 1

Chimoio Mozambique

Resiliencia, Rwanda
Fairview Building, 4th floor
KG 622 Street, Rugando Kigali, Rwanda

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