Tailored extension services to smallholder farmers in Mozambique

The Problem

There is a gap between the innovations in agriculture worldwide and the delivery and uptake of these innovations to and by the final users; smallholder farmers. In Mozambique this gap exists for several reasons, among which physical barriers, financial and technical barriers but most importantly the translation of these innovation into packages that can be delivered, understood and purchased by smallholder farmers.

The Solution

Resilience’s the solution is the development of a technological platform that provides affordable, commercial and tailored Extension and Advisory Services (EAS) to Mozambican smallholder farmers and Agri-Business, aimed at improving their farming systems, livelihood, and well-being. A farmer-centric approach is used to provide solutions based on a deep understanding of rural actors’ needs, preferences, aspirations and (gendered) behaviors at the household level.

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IRIPO translates and packages this innovation and facilitates the communication between end users (Mozambican farmers) and multipliers of innovations in agriculture (research institutions, private sector, input suppliers, development agencies).

The Impact

Access to these innovations will help smallholder farmers to make informed choices, facilitate access to technical knowledge and practices, facilitate market linkages, which in turn, will enable the adoption of improved production practices and marketability.